2nd European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2016 as the date of the CYBERSEC HUB launch

Cybersecurity and, more broadly, issues connected with cyberspace, have risen to the rank of strategic, global challenges. On the one hand, over the last few decades we have witnessed unprecedented opportunities for general development: economic, political, social, and individual. On the other, we are now facing completely new categories of threats, with potentially catastrophic consequences. In order to safely use and develop the potential of cyberspace, global collaboration and engagement of all stakeholders are absolutely necessary. Europe is an extremely important element of this ecosystem and should be actively engaged in all processes affecting global cybersecurity. One of the key steps necessary for developing the best ideas and the most practical solutions is to create a platform where different points of view can be presented, confronted, and debated. At a challenging time for Europe, The Kosciuszko Institute addresses this very important issue by the number of projects, publications and reports focusing on cybersecurity. The Kosciuszko Institute is the organiser of the European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSECIts mission is to support and facilitate the development of strategic, cybersecurity-focused decisions for Europe and also build a dedicated platform for co-operation among government representatives, non-governmental organisations, and key private-sector organisations. The second edition of CYBERSEC Forum took place in Krakow, 26 September 2016. This year's edition of has gathered over 600 delegates from 20 countries along with 120 speakers taking the floor during two days of intensive debates. The conference has brought together top experts from Europe, the USA, Israel, Canada, and other partner countries. Same as last year, CYBERSEC panel discussions have been held around the four familiar thematic streams: State, Military, Future, and Business. The conference has also covered new and interesting formats, including sessions focusing on cybercrime. The Future Stream has examined two main  challenges that cyber communities are  facing all over the world. Firstly, how to tackle  an increasing shortage of cyber professionals. Secondly, how  to support SMEs as well as startups in the race for  innovative cybersecurity products and services which are fundamental to winning the race and gaining advantage over hackers in cyberspace. One of the accompanying events of the CYBERSEC Forum were CYBERSEC Startup Days, powered by CYBERSECHUB.EU. Events, that took place as part of CYBERSEC Startup Days programme were:
  • Special Plenary Event about “Cybersecurity Venture Capital” with investors as well as European officials;
  • Two Open Debates with startups and Polish government representatives on “The Role of Startups in Polish Economy Transformation” and “Supporting Innovative Startups”,
  • Special Networking Session for Investors and Startups
  • Workshops for Startups and SMEs about “Negotiating and Cooperating with Investors”.
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