3rd issue of the European Cybersecurity Market already available to download!

We are gradually becoming more aware of the vulnerability of our networks and systems, as well as their expanding role in our daily lives. Many reports suggest that 2016 brought us a breakthrough in the popular perception of cybersecurity. It is no longer a distant and secondary problem important only to IT departments. It has become a vital part of our businesses, our financial activities and our personal lives. We now realise that cybersecurity will be one of the fundamental challenges of the coming decades. But this challenge might be also a huge opportunity for those who know how to use it. The private sector is the main source of ICT solutions in the modern market. The prime cause is to be found in the structure of modern economy. The business sector is harvesting the accumulated fundamental and applied research by changing it into the experimental development of new products or services. Market needs and rules are the catalysts of innovation in the digital economy. How does all of this influence the security of cyberspace? According to research from Symantec, roughly one million new malwares are released every day. Hackmageddon, which monitors larger network attacks, counted 1061 in the last year, which means more than three large-scale malicious cyber operations a day. Due to the rapidly changing threat environment, the cybersecurity sector is one of the fastest evolving realms of ICT. That is why nowhere else is the innovation so crucial. To keep up with their adversaries, cybersecurity companies have to be innovative by design. This edition of the ECM presents business opportunities arising from the introduction of machine learning, automation, and other Artificial Intelligence technologies into the cybersecurity domain. It also analyses one of the most demanding environments to secure – the cloud. Last but not least, it also includes coverage of the Startup Pitch Contest, which took place during the Polish Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC PL 2017. I wish you an inspiring reading. <<Click to download European Cybersecurity Market, Vol. 3>>