Playing the innovation game – Techmo to develop Audio VR

Techmo, one of the members of Cybersec Hub, has been awarded with 3 201 822 PLN under the National Centre for Research and Development’s GameINN Competition within Intelligent Development Programme. Thanks to the grant, Techmo will develop Audio Virtual Reality (Audio VR) Technologies. -Industry is a solid foundation of the Polish economy. We want to strengthen it by investing in its most promising sectors. Development must be based on science resources so that the Polish economy shifts from imitative into innovative. We will achieve expected results thanks to a synergy of economic and science potential – said the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin. Resources available under GameINN are to be used for the design and development of technologies such as the construction of cross-platform graphic engines, real images mapping, 3D modelling for the needs of vast virtual worlds or the application of artificial Intelligence in video games. -By providing support to the development of video games sector we contribute not only to enhancing its competitiveness at the global market but also to the creation of technologies and tools that might be useful to a wide variety of customers. The awarded solutions might be used in different areas of life, for instance, education or medicine – highlighted prof. Maciej Chorowski, the Head of the National Centre for Research and Development. -I am aware of the fact that IT startups need some incentives. These fragile plants have to be watered with the EU and public funds. That’s what we do and we’ll be doing consistently in the future - concluded the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin at the 1st edition of the GameINN Award Gala. More details:,4775,prawie-116-mln-zl-na-rozwoj-polskiej-branzy-gier-video.html