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Cyberus Labs – SECURE WORLD

Cyberus Labs, Sp.z.o.o. is a new kind of Polish company that is global in its DNA. Co-founded by Silicon Valley and Polish entrepreneurs, Krakow-based Cyberus Labs is cyber-security startup that is introducing innovative cybersec products to the Polish and European markets. At Cyberus Labs we have chosen not to “patch a leaking ship” but to bring a new approach to some vexing security problems.

Founded by George Slawek (CEO), Jack Wolosewicz (CTO) and Marek Ostafil (COO), the company has right from the beginning set its own course - to focus on eliminating cyber threats, and to deliver solutions that will be both secure and easy to use.

Cyberus Labs has taken a different approach to finding a solution to the user authentication challenge and dilemma – the right balance between the need of the user to have a fast and convenient way to log into their online account and the need of the company to have a secure and effective user authentication system. At its core is the elimination of the username/password combination as a user authentication methodology.

The result of our 3 years of research and development in Silicon Valley, CA and in Poland is the CYBERUS KEY password-less logon platform, formerly launched in September 2016 at the Kosciuszko Institute’s CyberSec 2016 conference in Krakow, Poland.

With the CYBERUS KEY users accesses their online account by activating the Cyberus Key mobile application on their smartphone and with one-click logs into their banking or e-commerce account on their laptop. CYBERUS KEY creates a truly secure log on experience and verifies both sides of an on-line transaction, eliminating the risk phishing, key-logging, “man-in-the-middle” or “man-in-the-app”. - An Innovative Alternative for Secure File Sharing is a SaaS data smart syncing & collaboration service for business. It offers the application for secure and fast data sharing, as well as the Sherlybox device - the embodiment of a private and secure storage cloud for your files, available 24/7.

The solution delivers a new way of sharing your sensitive files with your co-workers and business partners by creating a secure, invite-only network on demand. It works like a cloud, but all the data stays on your own storage.

The main development centre is based in Krakow, Poland. The company gained traction in June 2014, mainly thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The financial target was met in 223% and Sherlybox became a huge success even before hitting the market in August 2015. is also recipient of prestigious awards, e.g. “ICT Visionary”, one of the “50 most creative in Poland”, “Good Design 2015”, “Must Have 2016”.

Exnit – experts in information technology

Exnit helps companies and institutions to protect their valuable data and ensure continuous availability by providing professional services and technologies in the area of security, backup and disaster recovery which protects critical applications and data against failures, downtime or disasters. Exnit integrates traditional environment and cloud-based, helping to ensure the highest level of security with good appropriate price.

Exnit provides professional training, implementation and maintenance services in the area of information technology. We focus on the needs of our customers to always provide optimal support and develop a competitive products. Thanks to our highly specialized experts, we are able to take even the most demanding design challenges and continually improve the quality of our services. The competencies of our team are based on the execution of complex projects throughout the Europe and long-term cooperation with suppliers. Our mission is to support development of the customers business.

SecuRing - more than security testing

SecuRing helps to achieve appropriate level of applications' and systems' security. Founded in 2003. Since then SecuRing has supported leading banks, insurance companies, telecom providers, government institutions and software houses.

Security testing at very end of the project, just before (or after) deployment are still key component of achieving application security. Nevertheless, doing only security tests as a part of UAT is not effective, because significant costs of fixing bugs at late project stages. That’s why besides security testing, we offer support at each stage of development:

Security requirements definition (functional and non-functional)

  • Project reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Consultations
  • Security tests

The goal is to fix vulnerabilities.

  • Our report always includes recommendations on how to fix discovered vulnerabilities.
  • We offer support during fixing phase.
  • We communicate with the tested solution vendor to help them understand problem and provide remediation.
  • We offer additional tests after vulnerabilities are fixed.

The main aspect of security assessment is to take real risk impact into account.

  • Prior to testing, we perform threat identification and threat modeling.
  • We prioritize attack scenarios.
  • We take into consideration business impact as well as business logic.

We say no to fire and forget tools.

  • Automatic tools can only find small percentage of real vulnerabilities.
  • The real threat is live attacker, not automatic tool.
  • We prefer manual verification, using specialized “home-grown” tools.
  • Understandable, customer-oriented report.
  • Realistic and dedicated recommendations.


Techmo - making every voice matter

Techmo was formed 4 years ago by renown specialists from AGH University of Science and Technology. AGH is a leading research center in Poland (HQ in Krakow). As a university spin-off, Techmo implements solutions in the field of audio, speech and language technologies. The company focuses on allowing voice control of devices to become more widespread. Currently it is involved in providing technology for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions for energy sector (e.g. Fortum) addressing customer service issues. Another Techmo’s area of expertise is sound virtualisation, technology which aims at game industry. SoundToolKit makes the sound in a game changes dynamically along with movement of the characters and sound sources. It significantly deepens the immersion and player experience. Really big project running now with Techmo participation is firefighters training simulator which combines capabilities of Techmo SoundToolKit, Unity engine and Oculus Rift. Techmo also cooperates closely with Pacific Voice & Speech Foundation from San Francisco.

Talking is the natural way of communicating for most people in the world. Thanks to Techmo’s solutions, voice can be used for various purposes, including electronic device control, speaker identification (biometrics), 3D sound simulation, and automatic speech recognition. As a university spin-off, Techmo is run by some of the greatest minds in the field of voice technologies. All you need is voice! - Voice authentication for any application is a voice biometrics producer that developed a software for voice authentication for any application. Founded in 2011, Voice PIN replaces traditional passwords and pin numbers with natural voice commands. Its SaaS technology has been used by corporate customers from ING to Alior Bank and made it to the Top 10 at TechCrunch Disrupt competition in San Francisco last year. The Polish company, based in Cracow, is expanding in an emerging market and is focusing on the global development of the business by building a chain of partners on all continents. In 2016, Voice PIN opened a branch in Silicon Valley with plans to open others.

VoicePIN is the latest tool in biometric technology and speech recognition for data protection. Your clients and users can log on in a convenient way, without the need to
remember PINs and passwords. User verification becomes amazingly simple. Natural voice commands are all that is needed. VoicePIN minimizes the risk of frauds and personal data theft. The human voice is as unique as a fingerprint. VoicePIN saves you money by shortening client service time as well as enhancing the service and clients experience.

Thanks to our API, connecting VoicePIN to any mobile application, website, Call Center system, or an IVR is as simple as can be. VoicePIN can also be applied wherever there is no keyboard – in the dynamically developing Internet of Things. - Artificial intelligence for your business

Do you know that by 2040 artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans?
Here, in, we look into the future. Using technology based on deep learning algorithms, we are creating a new category of software.

Imagine a world, where artificial intelligence will help you with most of your daily activities. A world, where machines and humans will cooperate to provide a better products and services.
The future is coming and we want to be part of it.

We are a Cracow based company specialized in building modern IT tools that analyze the daily activities and context, and assist companies in making proper business decisions.
We are building community to share knowledge about upcoming technologies. If you are interested in A.I, machine learning, bots, assistant apps - let us know.





In the world of new security threats, Armaio believes everyone deserves their data to be secure. We create efficient algorithms to protect the data that matters and publish them for free as Open Source Software. We protect Windows, macOS, and Linux from next generation risks, including Advanced Persistent Threats, ransomware and complex malware.Armaio is brought to you by the creators of ClamAV, the most popular antivirus technology for servers, protecting billions of users worldwide.

Armaio combines deep kernel level analytics, advanced algorithms, data science, and machine learning to predict and protect from unknown threats. It inspects all actions taken by applica-tions in your system, learns what they do and looks for malicious behaviour. What’s most important, Armaio takes into account a big picture and not just a context of a single process.



Nethone is where advanced data science meets a truly individual approach to each of our client’s unique challenges, goals and vision. We create custom AI-driven solutions that convert threats into profitable decisions. Automatically. In real time.

We help online merchants sell more, earn more and maximise each dollar they spend on business intelligence and fraud prevention. Thanks to our unique blend of AI and human ingenuity we protect our clients’ bottom lines against fraud and streamline their risk management processes. We provide unique, data-driven business insights that they can leverage to get ahead of the game in the competitive world of online commerce. Nethone utilizes diverse state-of-the art technologies, including in-depth User Profiling (3000+ data points), Behaviour Analytics, Device Fingerprinting and more. We gather, enrich, extend, and crunch all of this data to provide our clients with actionable information. Our data science team creates custom Machine Learning models for each business case after thoroughly analysing and understanding all the circumstances the client operates under. In effect, we can thoroughly x-ray each single individual on our client’s website, discover links between thousands of apparently unrelated variables and accurately predict actions their users will undertake. Be they fraudsters or legitimate cardholders, new shoppers or return customers, brand loyalists or discount hunters, we know how to tell each from the other and turn this knowledge into well-informed, profitable decisions.

Cryptomage Inc.

Cryptomage, Inc. is a dynamic hi-tech ICT company offering hardware and software solutions and services in the cybersecurity domain.

Our flagship product is the Cyber Eye Enterprise™ hardware network anomaly detection solution, which secures our costomers from cyber threats by detecting sophisticated cyber attacks. A compliementary product is the Cyber Eye SOC™, which ensures cybersecurity services for small and medium sized enterprises as a cloud solution.

Our services department delivers cybersecurity advisory services to blue-chip IT integrators and government agencies. Due to our great team having years of experience, we are always dynamically moving forward and have the power to adapt and constantly extend our offered services and areas of expertise.

We have academic roots and hire scientists, cybersecurity experts, hardware engineers, software developers and analysts. Our strategy is focused on maintaining the highest skills within our human resources. The Cryptomage team is capable of more than delivering complex solutions; we can improve the whole concept to deliver real added value to our customers.




Rublon is cloud-based cybersecurity software that helps companies protect their users, data and applications by providing trusted access via easy-to-use two-factor authentication. Thousands of deployments, with customers ranging from startups to SMBs and public companies, prove the flexibility of Rublon’s platform. Rublon’s innovative technology can be quickly deployed to protect against breaches, credential theft and account takeover. Try it for free at

Rublon is backed by Astec ( ) and Adips ( ), Polish software houses established in 1993 and 2000 respectively. Rublon was founded on the belief that two-factor authentication builds trust which enables more business to be done online.

Galach Consulting

Galach Consulting delivers cybersecurity management system lifecycle services. We support the organisations in defining, implementing and operating the processes aimed to assure the necessary protection of vital information assets. Best practices, based on widely accepted standards, including ISO/IEC 27000 family, ISO 22301 and ISO/IEC 20000 as well as state-of-art attitude, allow us to successfully implement the comprehensive cybersecurity management systems using risk evaluation results and binding regulations as a basis for the security-related processes definition. Our unique balanced cybersecurity management model allows to identify and implement the optimal set of safeguards which fulfils the risk-related requirements, satisfies stakeholders’ expectations and is fully acceptable from the business efficiency point of view.

The range of services delivered by Galach Consulting includes the whole cycle of cybersecurity management system – starting from initial requirements gathering and risk assessment, through processes definition, reengineering and implementation, up to the operational support, audits and security tests. Services related to user awareness building are also the important ingredient of our portfolio starting from e-learning up to the tailor made social engineering tests.

Galach Consulting is a proud member of European Cyber Security Organisation.


For over 10 years, Axence has been providing businesses and institutions worldwide with a professional solution for comprehensive IT infrastructure management. Our flagship product, Axence nVision®, responds to the key demands of IT administrators and security officers in terms of user and network monitoring, hardware and software inventory, remote technical support, and data protection. It also allows management boards to optimize the costs of servicing IT infrastructure regardless of its size. Axence solutions have been installed on over 600,000 devices so far, and this number is steadily growing. Market leaders, as well as international organizations and trade media, appreciate the high quality of the software.