Techmo – the next Polish technological gem


According the Puls Biznesu, a Polish daily newspaper devoted to business and economic issues, Techmo might become the next world-class startup coming from Poland. Techmo is one of the 7 startups/SMEs taking part in CYBERSEC HUB.

Though it’s not a traditional startup, as AGH University of Science and Technology spin-off, Techmo transforms technological inventions developed from university research and has a huge potential for success. Techmo was formed by qualified academics who focuses mainly on developing and popularising voice control for electronic devices. Currently, the company is involved in development of back-end technology for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions.

Techmo’s solutions already attracts large companies with developed call centers, customer service departments, customer contacts or helpdesk services, etc. Techmo’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems save costs and provide clients with more time-effective services. Moreover, solutions based on automatic speech recognition are entering new sectors of economy such as automotive industry, banking or home appliances – which is a great opportunity for Techmo to scale up its business.

According to Michał Kreczmar, Director of the Digital Transformation at PwC Poland, as long as the majority of current solutions based on ASR systems works only in the most popular languages such as English, Chinese of German, Techmo might find its niche in providing its services in Polish. In his opinion, global players and large companies would prefer to buy the ready product instead of translating its own solutions from scratch.

What is more, Techmo isn’t focused only on one product. It also develops high quality audio solutions that might be used in video games and virtual reality.


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